Winter In Yellowstone

Now Accepting Reservations for Winter Packages

WELCOME to Winter In Yellowstone

The variety of activities in the winter is exciting and vast. Cars, trucks and R.V.s are replaced with snowcoaches, snowmobiles and skis. The landscape takes on an entirely new look. The warm steam rolling off the thermal features into the cool air is more vibrant; the contrast of the animals against the snowy white ground and deep blue sky make them easier to spot; the quiet you feel when standing in glistening snow allows a sense of peacefulness to flow through your body. Bison graze close to the thermal features allowing them to keep warm and eat on the exposed vegetation. With less people in the park, it is easy to stroll up to Old Faithful or the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone for the perfect photograph. Yellowstone looks bigger and brighter in the winter!

West Yellowstone’s newest Inn, Golden Stone Inn, (with our Park concessionaire partners) offers guided tours into the park on snowmobiles, snowcoaches or skis.

Call us at (406) 646-5181 for more information. We have 2-night packages starting at just $262.50 per person *(based on double occupancy).

Take time out to breathe the fresh air this winter. Visit us at the Golden Stone Inn in West Yellowstone and see what Yellowstone in Winter is all about!